Tuesday, July 30, 2013


His usual miseries stemmed from a certain family prophecy, a story whose humor he couldn't appreciate when he was a little boy. 
The story predates his birthday, when his parents had prayed the deity for a girl child. But as a wise man must know, deities are aware of mathematical probabilities. 

So when he was born, none of the true believers were surprised.

And as he grew up, he felt the deity must have paid a little heed to his parents wishes and blessed him with asinine feminine qualities, thus he also suspected himself of being a brazen sexist. Honesty was his hallmark too, you see.

If these lines belonged to a novel, he could just be me, but then again I will just pass, due to obvious reasons, one being accused of too much megalomania. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Strangers on the Net

I'll believe whatever you say.
We are practically strangers, anyway.

You are rhyming, I see
Singing colloquial epiphany.

Considering you are playing along, 
I don't think I did anything wrong.

And who knows what's wrong, what's right
Such is the whim of a deadpan night.

And, that would be an excellent status, I'd say,
 Also, you sound terribly forlorn, if I may.

That's the beauty of words, you know
Sometimes they darken and sometimes they glow.

Words are amusement of kinds,
Like this odd conversation, I feel, if you don't mind.

Odd is one, three, five and seven
It may still find a place in heaven.

And this could go on all Night,
 But would you want it to become Trite?

No, I would say, because it's late
And tomorrow I would need a clean slate
But this should go in a facebook note, if you want
The world must read such hackneyed rant.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rum- A tiny story

‘When the Revolution came, the anti-satirical government bombed the erstwhile Presidency College which harboured the verbose rebels.’

Little mini who had read this in one of her father’s old book which was kept in the secret locker, had curiously tried to find out what the word Revolution meant. After all the dictionaries and the entire world wide web had failed her, she had approached her teetotal father, who in a wistful countenance had replied

‘It’s one of life’s Rum thing.’


I drew a stick figure of a man with Red, and a woman with White. 
To make things interesting, I imagined them to copulate, and then after nine minutes I drew a pink stick figure of a little boy to complete the happy nuclear family. 
I showed it to my teacher, who said a boy shouldn’t be pink, so I killed him, and made another pink-girl.
My teacher was happy. 

This is how Feminism shall win, she winked.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Calcutta, A tiny story

Partha wanted Pritha to come with her to Venice where he studied Art. 
He said he loved her -the rhyme of men.
He said it was very dreamy there,
He said she would love it there,
Where the streets were made of water,
Where one could float all day, make love,
And dream and dream and never get hungry.

Pritha who painted measles on an infant and
Who mocked others for being others,
had winked and said,

‘But don’t you see I am never hungry,
because in my city,
The streets are made of dreams and dreams.’

Calcutta, had smiled at the anonymous citation of one of her lovechild.

Unfortunately for a few, summer had reigned
In the city for a long time
That year.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Someone said, Unfulfilled Love is Romantic

 They never met again.

But like a grateful romantic he always remembered her. He did not know what became of her, but even in that briefest moment they had met and loved he had known an eternity, he had known of her struggles, he had known the mystery of her sad eyes. 

She was like those hilly trees you know, tall, strong, holding on to whatever ground there was, panting in that thin air, never giving up, so exotic and beautiful.

And maybe that’s why even after all those years, he would confide in the mountains, where he could vividly remember her, where he could embrace in her beauty, in her struggles, like an invisible comrade,
 where every green hill would bear a token of her love.


Mary met Max in a little pub on the downtown alley, where rats could clean you off your squalor.
Max said it would be safe. 

Mary had passed on the 100 dollar note for 2 grams of powder. 

When the bullets had kissed her everywhere Mary had slumped down gracefully, flushing it all out at once. 

In that dingy little pub called ‘neon-glow’, the police found her eyes gouged, and when they looked carefully, they could see the word dreamer painted all over her brain. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Time Next Year

I believe all my inspiration comes from insomnia, in case you belong to an earlier time, you must not be aware of this term.

So, one of these mornings, after a dead-pan sleepless night of maximum brain activity, I had called up a friend to ask him, if it were ever possible for me to become a writer. He had answered with all positivity, he had faith in my talent, but first you have to make sure your book sells, how do you do that? I did ask. You need to write a love story, anything, you have to make sure it’s got ‘love’ in it, don’t make it intellectual. No body digs that.  
So basically he would tell me to maturely ape some of the keen writers of our generations who talk about their bruised broken dreams and breaking up and patching up and doing it on a SUV.

Hush, I would tell myself. Me who has a big opinion of himself couldn’t possibly abase his sacred hobby, to write something like that. If I weren’t a hypocrite I would have let it go, but where would I be without opinions, so I should call such books degrading. I had my own opinions of love, not very platonic though, but nevertheless a moderate dose of literature does make you a little insane, in the rain.
But I always had faith in my friend’s acuity. Well what are friends for anyway, if you do not have faith in their senses?

So I had to write a love story, if I had any chance of being a writer, I had to move people, with the single most abstract feeling in the world, the feeling of love, conveyed through words. But how do a layman who had never felt the kind of love that moved our generation, write about love?
And there in lay my challenge, everything that I would write about love, would be a lie, not a true story, so why would my story sell? But aren't stories about such imaginary lies?  

Do lies sell? But I have to listen to my friend.
So how do I feel about love? Well, I don’t know. But I think after I write down the story, I might know how I feel about it, so cometh the next paragraph a love story shall begin. I don’t know if it would come out right though.  
I hope it does.
I hope my friend likes it.

I met her on the stairs, I slipped two steps, and stumbled in front of her, she had a pale brown face, and brown little eyes, and she could carry her long hair in perfect synchrony with her austere self.
I thought she was beautiful, like many other men had thought at different times. Yes, physical beauty moved me.
Pulchritude. Abundant Pulchritude.

Her funny collar-bones. Like oars in a boat.

What if, what we think as beautiful were ugly in another planet? One mustn’t intellectualize love stories.
So there we had met, on the stairs, as if life could only go up or down from there, like life would never be standstill, like there could be fall. There should be fall.

She had smiled at me. Mannerisms had followed. Mannerisms of our generation.
Exchanging cell-phone numbers.Smooth.
Small talk.Smooth.

It should be followed by a first unofficial date, on the way back home, signifying nothing. The prospect of love is always god-damn easy for the romantics. It’s the real-love that they miss out at times. But then again, one mustn’t philosophize love stories.
You leave it for the sad stories.

So it had continued, a coy love-affair, one could suspect, of un-uttered sentiments, burning gently in the glory of rainy days. Oh the beautiful cloudy sky, the humid gentle breeze, the company of a beautiful woman, and the prospect of love, amorous days they were, right?
 In the world of fleeting moments every second is your present, and a second ago your immediate past. The whim of ‘time’-our great healer is that, it often spoils what it heals. It heals you by spoiling your memories.
Yes. That’s what it does.
So I do not remember how the dynamics changed or what was it that changed it all one day, or how she got lost, and how I couldn’t find her, or if she ever loved me, or if it were growing up games that we played, if it were fun?
I wish I had kissed her though one of those fine days.
But how often do life turns out how we imagine it? But since I am imagining it on the first place, I may have kissed her alright.  
Not then though, she had gone too far away, but years later, after we had lost our lovers, sons, and daughters, and had found each other on the bookshelves of our imagination.  

So I guess; I feel strongly about a weird kind of love after all. I guess I am too sappy and needy, spoilt in a world of abundant suffering. And I whine because I have never had a real shot at love, the kind of love that exists in this world between men and women, that I have to imagine some human equivalence through words to overcome my innate loneliness, but it’s alright I tell myself.
I would repeat, it’s alright.

My friend would read my story and he would say that I am awkwardly mushy, that it won’t sell, that it’s full of pseudo-intellectual generalisations, and no break-ups and patch-ups, but speculations.

I would know then that I wouldn’t have any chance at being a writer, but at least I will be happy knowing that if I have to live in this world, it would be for a kind of love that I would believe in, I think, the one like those great surges that engulfs you and takes you on the other side in a flash and you really don’t understand what it was all about.

Like one could always smile and utter,

‘what the fuck was that?’

And that’s why I will conform to this world for the time being.
Because, I know you live in this world and you will always understand this much.

For you.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Habit

He has an ugly face. God was at fault.
His thoughts are a little distant, like carnivals in a foreign land, his nights are lonely, very lonely and sleep always evades him, mostly in summer.

Mostly in summer.

He is sleepless tonight and very lonely, sleep is evading him yet again.  So he invents a habit, his ugly hands throws tantrums beneath his abdomen, and after a while he is soporific. Like an infant patted to sleep.

A habit is born.
A good habit?

It stays with him, the habit, and ends rather abruptly when he turns
Thirty three years, three months and three days,
the very day his darling mother brings him
A wife.