Thursday, January 23, 2014

Poetry Four (Stanford On Avon)

The old Grecian tunics would rain all over the place.
Anointed and bedazzled with the aroma of an exotic flower
The entire town would come, with their
Coal-miners and fisher-men.

It was told long ago, about today, when
Garbled thoughts would be made
Into words,
Words that would
Enable a thousand league deep pathos
In all of their hearts.

 ‘But this is just a show.
Three pence a ticket.’

He should not go for that.

But alas, the wicked ways of the heart, would pull him in
Hiding him in the veil of the crepuscular crowd,
And he would wait patiently for the aria to burst, when
She would lift the veil, and in
Her secret pout, he wouldn’t miss the wave of fervor.

Her odor would belittle the foreign stylizations
And the remnant fishy smell would vanish
Like an ominous comet.

He would marvel, with the townspeople, forgetful of
The miseries, as beauty blinds the best.

The best of fishermen.

Long ago, in the drunkenness of youth
He had found a good teacher,
An artist of thoughts,
A woman, a mother, a daughter,
A goddess, like those sculptures in Indian temples.

Silently he would ramble through the words, memorized long ago,
In dreams and in theaters, in fishing boats drunk on the sea.

He would hum it now
       No she won’t hear
                    A little louder
                         She would scorn?
Perhaps then, the pinnacle of in-between, when
                      The wave is in midair waiting to crash,

Oh the uncertainty of art.

“I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers could not, with all their quantity of love, make up my sum.” 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Poetry Three

I saw girls adorned in blue, red, pink, yellow,
magenta, orange, meaning variegated colors,
like in rainbows and dreams inviting me to their lustrous
harems. They winked and danced and swallowed
lusty shards, but I had to sit, my legs were tethered like
trees with roots that make bitter fruits. 
The birds were all singing and the
bard had to write.

‘Lust is for tomorrow.
Today I shall love.’

Stupid bard.

Remember me?

She mostly belonged in his diary, in words weaved out of warm memories. Sometimes he would write about her kittens too, little things with claws looking at him with suspicion.

Could they smell the love in him, he so desperately tried to hide from her?

Poetry Two (Ballad of a Cold Man)

Through pink escapades and bitter
Delirium my winter slowly fades,
Knocking whomsoever in chilly raids.

I look upon trees whose dead branches
Slowly climb the clear azure, making flames
More beautiful than faces and the wind whistles
Through ashen fireplaces of human dust.

The heart was a fireplace that
Needed assurance.
‘Words, you charmer.’ She said.

Yet, she condoned her needs
And went away swiftly like
Frivolous paper boats in
The Danube (Rivulet of Queens?).

Through pink escapades and bitter
Delirium my winter slowly fades
Sifting for her in the land of half-dead,

Alive or dead.  

The Strange Foggy Night

There is so much fog here tonight that even the ghosts have lost their way and one can find them looking for directions in those half-lit scary boulevards, where dogs were sometimes being mistaken as wolves and friends as lovers, even in a normal day.

Poetry One

Yet, and yet again
Death becomes an art
And the palates of the artists go weary in crimson.
Gory pages fill up the novelists’ appetite
And suddenly there’s nothing trite to write.

Death is romantic, if you are beautiful.

Through generalizations of fabulous Comrades the
Numbers pile up and then as history says years
Later, people learn the facts and not the
Sensibilities, the awkward sensibilities that
Should have healed mankind of the

Ideas rot like a dead rats, and from the
Carcass of the old, the new born
Flies pollute the world, and then perhaps in a peasants’
Home a sweet speaking angel shows her tender breasts
And helps prolong the dream.

The larger self creates the larger things
The puny self indulges in the larger things.