Sunday, September 5, 2010

Life (When the child felt its weight on his shoulders..)

It started long long time ago, long before today, long before 9/11, long before my birth. It was before Chernobyl, before Lennon’s death, before Abbey Road, before Catcher in the Rye, before Hiroshima, before the first submarine or the airplane, before Freud, before electricity, before the last dodo, the last Mughal Emperor, before the Plague, the crusades, the Mahabharata or the Ramayana, before Rome, before Egypt, before the dawn of mankind. It was long before the Cro-Magnon, before the dinosaurs.
It was before the earth had trees and forests as we see it.

Life as we see it began a long time ago on a hallowed day in the Pre-Cambrian. A rainy day, and there life began from a single lightening spark in the open Ocean. A mere chance one can say and here we are the product of something that could easily have not happened.
No one remembers that day. No one values life anymore.
Look around you and you will see how depressing life is. Take life away mother earth, just take it away. Someday you will. The sooner the better.
It is raining today.

It began with the rain, the lightening. So why not end it here?