Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's all in the colors

It’s funny how the world could have changed only if our eyes had been more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Scientifically speaking the world that we see around is limited to the imperceptibility of our eye. Imagine a world with our eyes set in the ultraviolet range. Our whole perspective could have changed.

No color. No Red. No Blue. No Green.
No ballot fun. 

No colorful arts.
If Leonardo would forgive me-Black and White Monalisa?

And the color for Revolution? Darker shade of black? What is that? I don’t know.
Sorry Che.

The thought of a Black and White World freaks me out.
There is no beauty in it.

The colorful World has its problems. But every beauty comes with a heavy price. It’s fragile. Let’s not risk losing it.
Let’s solve the problems.
Let’s love all the colors.
Let our eyes do the talking.
And let’s win over petty visual disabilities. 

PS: I am a science student. I study rocks and fossils, million years old. My life sucks. So I want Revolution. They say it’s Red in color. Is it?