Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who are you?

 It's funny when I watch you from a distance.
I like watching you.
You look so beautiful.
But that's not why I like watching you.
When you sit there all by yourself I see you.
You never look around.
You are all by yourself
Probably wandering in your own thoughts.
You seem so perfect.
Your solitude comforts me
And I watch you with my two eyes
Like I watch the stars in that serene night sky
Like I watch that blue bird from my window
But they never look back at me.

But you did. Yes.
Your eyes.
I looked at them.
Those brown hazel eyes. They looked at me.
And you smiled.
I could not smile.
I felt
Like a cold stone.
Those eyes.
That look. I couldn't move.
You made me a stone.
Who are you?

No, you are too beautiful.

I guess I will never know.