Saturday, July 24, 2010

About Today.

There are certain days in our lives that are insignificant. Today is one such day. The lull in the weather is evident and the emotional disquiet is perpetual. Things happen on such days that are insignificant. Memories strike your brain. Bitter-sweet ones? 
Certain uncalled memories flash right in your head while the birds twitter in the lemon tree across your balcony. The memory of the girl who never loved you, the pet dog who died in a freak accident, the best friend that left the city or the brother that went abroad, all in one go. The things that could have been different. But then you think of the present- about the people who care, the best friend who is here or the people who miss you and love you, the stray dog that accompanies you from your place to the bus stop no matter what. You ignore them. You keep your cell phone off and pretend you don’t need anyone. You know you do. On such day all you care to do is nothing. Today is a day you wish to remain silent. Today is a day, you should be sad. Today is a day for the past. Today is a day for the girl who never loved you, for the pet who passed away, for the best friend who went away and for the brother in a faraway land. Today is insignificantly important. Today is one such day.